Dr. Gladys M. WordOn April 8, 2010 Dr. Gladys M. Word passed away after a brief illness.  Dr. Word was one of the most dedicated professors in the nursing program at The College of New Jersey.  She was a part of the core fabric of TCNJ’s nursing department for 38 years. Her commitment and dedication to her students and the important role of clinical professionalism, knowledge, and education shaped the careers of hundreds of TCNJ students. Accordingly, as a way to celebrate Dr. Word’s contribution to the College, the nursing program plans to name its clinical simulation laboratory in Dr. Word’s honor.

In addition, the nursing program wants to establish the Dr. Gladys M. Word Endowment Fund. Annual earnings from this fund will allow us to continue to update and expand our simulation capabilities so our students can enhance their ability to provide high-quality patient care. The fund raising goal for the endowment is $100,000.

Participate in this special tribute and make a gift toward the Dr. Gladys M. Word Simulation Laboratory